Hot Cleaning Girls

Just another way to clean your house!

Hire Me

Thanks for your interest in becoming a HOT Cleaning Girl. We have set up our company based on a WIN/WIN Solution for the HOT Cleaning Girl and the Client.

If you have worked for yourself, then you understand the frustrations, of answering your own phone calls, trying to screen them, taking notes, looking up the clients address, and then find out their not home.

We take care of all the administration stuff for you. You set your schedule and we book the clients. All new clients are required to pay a deposit and their address is verified in our computers. We also email maps to your email and send you SMS messages, when you have been booked for a client.

All HOT Cleaning Girls must be over the age of 18 years old and provide proof of age with 2 proofs of I.D.

Please submit photos, description of yourself and the approx days and hours you can work.

We will notify you, and tell you about our next group meeting.

Please send your email to

You can also call us at 415-578-3211 or send us mail to:

2887 College Avenue, Suite 6D
Berkeley, Ca 94705


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